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Patio Dining in Austin

Austinites love to dine outdoors. Let’s face it, we have some pretty incredible weather in Austin, Tx! Even in the heat of the summer in Austin, the restaurants are great at adding outdoor misting systems and fans to their patio’s. Check out this great article from one of my fav local magazines, Austin Women’s Magazine. A great list of patios you need to venture out to! http://www.austinwomanmagazine.com/patio-perfect


Formula One Debut in Austin Tx

Mario Andretti was on hand Sunday for the debut of our new Formula One race track in Austin Texas.  Andretti drove the first official laps during an opening ceremony on Sunday and was the ribbon cutter at the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Andretti was the last American driver to win the Formula One World Championship in 1978. He is so excited that Formula One has come to Texas!

Many say that Formula One in Austin will be as large of an event as the Super Bowl.  That’s hard to believe, however, Formula One has quite a following of over a half billion people worldwide! The race is sold out, but you can still find tickets for sale online. The tickets are pricey though, as some start at $300 and most go for thousands of dollars.

Austin has also become a ‘McDreamy’ city!  For those of you that are fans of Greys Anatomy, you will be excited to know that McDreamy made it to Austin and to Formula One!  Just so you know, he won’t be just sitting around looking pretty or doing brain surgery.  He races!  Yep!  You read that right!  He did a test run of his car on Sunday as well. Patrick Dempsey is a sports car owner, road racer and sport team owner. He made comments that its a really good opportunity for F1 to come back to this country and start a new tradition.PatrickDempseyRaceCar

Many hotels, restaurants, and event centers are sold out on Formula One weekend in Austin, which is Nov. 16-18, 2012. I was recently dining at Perry’s Steakhouse and the General Manager told us that Perry’s is sold out the week of Formula One.  This event is going to be great for Austin.  It will generate millions of dollars for the community.  Is Austin ready for Formula One?  You bet we are!  Bring it on!

The American Dream!

Home Ownership is still the American Dream!

Many things come to mind when the words The American Dream are uttered. For me, I immediately think of owning a home as the ultimate American Dream. After all, our family and our home is the center of our lives in America. We work hard at having a comfortable, beautiful home that’s full of love and life to share with our family and friends. Home is where we enjoy creating something that is all ours. We own it. It’s a place that reflects our personality, where we create our family traditions that will long be remembered and passed down through generations. It’s a place where we form our family values and is an expression of who we are.

Does it matter if we own a home or not? Over the past few months, our country has gone through some turmoil as it continues to work through a sad financial upheaval of sorts. The question of home ownership has been debated where some critics have said that too much emphasis has been put on the virtues of home ownership. Really? Who are these people? Have they forgotten that for hundreds of years the people in the United States have believed that property or home ownership is a core value of this county? We must remember who we are as a nation, what our core values are and where our families begin.

Home ownership still remains the dream of an American and will always make a difference in family relationships, values and our connectedness to the communities in which we live. In a recent poll, when asked if homeownership is a better financial decision than renting, 96 percent of homeowners said it was and 71 percent of renters agreed. Even in times where this country has been in a financial crisis, the vast majority of Americans still see home ownership as a smart decision…financial stability. Homeownership is a great way to increase your net worth…a slow wealth builder. With every payment, equity builds.

Be proud of your accomplishment if you are a home owner and if you are not, continue to work toward owning a home. Live THE AMERICAN DREAM!

Mt Bonnell – I Love You!

One of the most beautiful areas of Austin is the magical paradise of Mount Bonnell. mtbonnellview

I have a special place in my heart for Mt. Bonnell for many reasons. One is the beauty of the area and the other is that my husband asked me to marry him at the top of Mt.Bonnell in Austin, Tx in 1989! When my husband and I were dating in the late 80’s, one of the many fun things we loved to do was find a private little spot on top of a hill to relax, sip wine and chat. What a great escape from the “real” world! We saw some pretty spectacular sunsets too! Since these special moments were so meaningful to us, it’s no wonder that when my husband decided to surprise me by popping the question and putting an engagement ring on my finger, that he would pick one of the most dramatic hills in all of Austin, as the perfect venue!

Not only are the panoramic views fabulous, on Mt. Bonnell, but the homes in the area are over the top, as well. Some of the finest, one of a kind, architecture in all Austin sit at the top of Mt. Bonnell and down below on Lake Austin. You rarely see architecture such as an 83 foot long cantilevered lap pool with transparent end, but you will, on Mt.Bonnell. Inspiring and innovative, to say the least.

Mt.Bonnell sits 775 feet high above our beloved city and is considered to be one of the highest points in all of Austin. It’s named after the founder, George Bonnell, who moved to Austin in 1839 and was Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the Texas Republic.

If you haven’t made it to Mt. Bonnell, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Once there, you will understand why the people that live on Mt Bonnell, chose to make it their home. From Mopac, take 2222 west, to Mt. Bonnell and turn left. Park and climb the stairs to the top of the hill; an easy hike. Downtown Austin can be seen to the southeast and you can see the Hill Country to the west.