Mt Bonnell – I Love You!

One of the most beautiful areas of Austin is the magical paradise of Mount Bonnell. mtbonnellview

I have a special place in my heart for Mt. Bonnell for many reasons. One is the beauty of the area and the other is that my husband asked me to marry him at the top of Mt.Bonnell in Austin, Tx in 1989! When my husband and I were dating in the late 80’s, one of the many fun things we loved to do was find a private little spot on top of a hill to relax, sip wine and chat. What a great escape from the “real” world! We saw some pretty spectacular sunsets too! Since these special moments were so meaningful to us, it’s no wonder that when my husband decided to surprise me by popping the question and putting an engagement ring on my finger, that he would pick one of the most dramatic hills in all of Austin, as the perfect venue!

Not only are the panoramic views fabulous, on Mt. Bonnell, but the homes in the area are over the top, as well. Some of the finest, one of a kind, architecture in all Austin sit at the top of Mt. Bonnell and down below on Lake Austin. You rarely see architecture such as an 83 foot long cantilevered lap pool with transparent end, but you will, on Mt.Bonnell. Inspiring and innovative, to say the least.

Mt.Bonnell sits 775 feet high above our beloved city and is considered to be one of the highest points in all of Austin. It’s named after the founder, George Bonnell, who moved to Austin in 1839 and was Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the Texas Republic.

If you haven’t made it to Mt. Bonnell, you owe it to yourself to check it out. Once there, you will understand why the people that live on Mt Bonnell, chose to make it their home. From Mopac, take 2222 west, to Mt. Bonnell and turn left. Park and climb the stairs to the top of the hill; an easy hike. Downtown Austin can be seen to the southeast and you can see the Hill Country to the west.


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